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Unpublished Opinions

Unpublished Opinions in which attorneys now at TDM were involved
McDade v. Ash, CCA No. B235729 (8/15/12) (affirmed granting of anti-SLAPP motion in malicious prosecution case).

Romero v. Leon Max, Inc., CCA Nos. B226820, B230313 (1/25/12) (affirmed jury verdict in employment case).

Clark v. San Joaquin Community HospitalNo. F056620 (CCA, 6/21/10) (affirmed judgment of nonsuit in Civil RICO trial and order sustaining demurrer on intentional infliction of emotional distress cause of action without leave to amend);

Clark v. NevansNo. 08-15105 (9th Cir. 10/15/08) (affirmed denying motion to reconsider order dismissing case and declaring plaintiff to be a vexatious litigant);

Clark v. Pope, No. 06-1633 (9th Cir. 9/27/07) (affirmed granting motion to dismiss);

Clark v. San Joaquin Community HospitalNo. F044977 (CCA, 2/25/05) (reversed in part and affirmed in part ruling on anti-SLAPP motion);

Sebastian International, Inc. v. RussolilloNo. 01-55484 (9th Cir. 8/06/02) (affirmed granting motion to dismiss);

LaMar v. SpellingNo. B151330 (CCA, 11/8/02) (affirmed granting motion for summary judgment in malicious prosecution action).